Every human, animal and nature is on the way to a higher quality. The Board of Knowledge opens everyone and everything spiritually so that they can grow and evolve in the exact right direction for that individual. The unique Knowledge comes from another Reality that is before the Creation.  It contains everything that exists, has existed, will exist and never will exist in this Reality. The Board of Knowledge will bring you to a higher dimension, quality and frequency of yourself. It can be given to Everything and Everyone over and over again. Every time it helps the individual to expand towards what is best for them in the direction that will bring them furthest to the Total Spiritual Enlightenment. It is not any kind of healing; it goes far more beyond healing. The Board of Knowledge is used everywhere in the Universe among Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. Even the already enlightened Masters and Archangels benefit from the continuous use of The Board of Knowledge. It is one of the oldest and most powerful Divine tools for spiritual opening.      There are in total 5 Boards and each Board contains 36 Signs.  Board 1 works on the physical existence. Board 2 works more on the emotional and psychological layer. Board 3 opens time and space. It has the possibility to go back in time, or work in the Now or in preparation to work for the future. It gives Board 1 and 2 dimension and time while manifesting and enhancing their work.  Board 4 is the Divine Board and works on growth towards our own Divinity and Enlightenment. Board 5 is the ultimate Board. It is connected to Everything and Everyone on all levels, and on each planet that exist physically, psychologically and emotionally. Board 5 covers all other 4 Boards.  When the Board of Knowledge is given to someone, each individual searches for the ultimate possibility for a successful and harmonized future.   Trauma, spiritual dirt cleansing and protection with the Board of Knowledge We can have traumas from this life time but also from previous life times. We experience traumas since we were young, for example when we first burned our little fingers. Some traumas can have big impact in our lives. The Board seeks always to the worst trauma that has the most impact on us. This cleansing technique purifies the fear, pain and negative emotions. Trauma will not disappear; instead it is stored in time as a memory without the negative effect on the person or on the progress of his/her life. Since the trauma is not erased, the life of the person shall be complete and whole at the soul level and in time. Traumas are like sticky glue that attracts new negative energy clutters and new bad experiences. With this form of cleansing, the trauma becomes more fluid and volatile and eventually it dissolves in nothing, without destroying the life experience. Clutter and spiritual dirt are also like sticky glue that attracts new negative energy clutters and new bad experiences; but they are worse than trauma glue. In this case, the victim is addicted in clutter and wants to attract more and more of it. The person will talk about it over and over again and in this way he/she will manifest more of it. With the Board cleansing, the clutter and spiritual dirt become more fluid and volatile and eventually it dissolves in nothing, without destroying the life experience. A powerful protected shield can be created by the Board that surrounds you with positive energy field. This shield retains the energy 2-4 weeks for human, 6 weeks for animals, in distance 6 weeks for things like car, 3-5 months for an apartment or house.   The Board of Knowledge Initiations and Upgrades Ceremonial Upgrades of Board 4 - Live on Earth with Light Board 4 has 3 large upgrades; each will bring you 50.000 steps further towards your Enlightened Being.  When larger upgrades are made, the change in frequency will be more clear and tangible. The same big change also takes place in the energy field of the body, the chakra column, the individual chakras, the meridians and the outer aura. The total frequency and vibration of a person changes so thoroughly that the person becomes finer tuned and therefore can absorb more light. The space between the atoms is purified and filled with light. This is the Light of Enlightenment. The person’s consciousness will also be purified which makes it easier for the insights to gain access to consciousness. Wisdom can be more easily absorbed and spiritual development can gain speed. However the ceremonial Upgrades from Board of Knowledge does and gives more than these.  The Ceremonial Upgrades build a bridge between us human and the Divine, the Sacred and something so vastly greater than all that we describe as the holiest of all.  Board 5 Initiation Ceremony This Initiation Ceremony gives people and the world a deeper spiritual understanding and contact. It is not only for our great Spiritual Evolution, but also for hereafter. This Initiation goes much deeper and further. It is also about reaching the inner depth of the Spiritual Spirit and Memory.   Upgrade with Board 5 This is the form of upgrade that will help you progress and grow spiritually. It also helps you to increase closeness with angels and guides.   The Board of Knowledge Water There are many types of Board Water serving different purposes. When you use the Board Water for yourself or others, you’re letting yourself and others to grow spiritually and become more enlightened.   Board 3 Water -The Incredible Water The drops of this Water soften, help, support, and strengthen people, animals, plants and Mother Earth itself.   Board 4 Water -Divine Water for Forgiveness -Divine Water for Wisdom -Holy Water for Purifying -Divine Water for Love -Holy Drops -Holy Water for Positive Destination -Holy Water for Hope  Board 5 Water -Love Water: this Water is for all kinds of Love, including Self Love. -Water for Spiritual Success  -Water to Increase Body and Soul Vibration -Water to Integrate New and Higher Chakras -Total Board 5 Reality Water The Board 5 Reality Water brings out the highest and finest potential in a person and in their lives in this Reality. Through the use of this Water you can also get answers from your guides, spiritual leader, guardian angels, Higher Self etc. Use a drop on the third eye to make contact with your guides, meditate, and give healing with the guides or go to bed for a nightly contact, for beautiful spiritual dreams or receive visions overnight.  The Drops of the Board 5 Reality Water are like spiritual tools. Give them to your healing stones, gems or crystals and they will bring out the highest, best, purest potential in them in this Reality. You can also drip Drops into your healing hands, on the massage table, on a drum for a drum journey with native American Indians or on the outside of a Tarot card box etc.  When you use the Drops outdoors, the Drops will embrace Everything and transform it to perfection. Everything that was there for bad energies disturbed Ley lines; human spiritual waste etc. will dissolve and disappear.   A Board session can be combined with Healing or sent on distance. I highly recommend the Board of Knowledge Upgrades, Initiation, Board 5 Love Water and Reality Water. Board Water is for sale upon request. A bottle of 30ml costs 45 euro.          The Board of Knowledge is brought to the world by Channie West. All information written in this website comes directly or indirectly from her books and lectures.
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The Board of Knowledge